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1 Water Bearer Hair Care Super Saturate Shampoo

Sulfate free and super silkening, this shampoo will not dry out your strands and will leave your hair soft and silky. Create a soft and clean canvas for all of your favorite styles by starting with this amazingly gentle, but thorough light lathering shampoo

2 Water Bearer Hair Care Sealing Serum

Sealing Serum softens and tames curls without weighing the hair down. This product offers light body and heavy moisture. Use on wet hair to seal in moisture. Can be used before blow drying or for definition of twists.

3 Water Bearer Hair Care La Niña Leave In

Moisturize your curls and keep them shiny and soft by applying to wet hair to seal in moisture.

4 Water Bearer Hair Care Soaked! Strength Creme

Some need a strong creme to tame their strands and set their hair. This strength creme reduces breakage and provides moisture to thirsty strands. Use on hair right after shampoo for a 10-minute conditioning or add a heat cap for a deeper conditioning treatment.