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1 Wella System Professional Startup

Provides moisture and support; creates volume and gives light hold; leaves hair looking shiny. Exclusive formula with nanoreflectors transforms hair into a radiant shine. A special combination of flexible polymers and Vitamin E prevents hair oxidation and protects against UV rays.

2 Wella System Professional Hypercurl

Gives curls hold with texture, definition, and shine. The exclusive formula with nano-reflectors transfers light into brilliant shine. A special combination of flexible polymers and vitamin E provides anti-oxidative effect and helps protect the hair from UV light and thermal appliances.

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3 Wella System Professional Power Mask

Rich treatment that leaves damaged, coarse hair extraordinarily smooth.

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4 Wella System Professional Polish Cream

Lightweight styling cream that smooths hair and gives a defined finish.

5 Wella System Professional Ends Express

Seals and prevents split ends; leaves hair radiant and healthy.

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7 Wella Liquid Hair Moisture Rinse Daily Conditioner

Contains the Multi-Active Protector complex which bonds to the hair structure to give volume, texture, and shine. Intensive moisturizers renew permed, color-treated or dry hair.

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8 Wella Lifetex Big Splash Hydrating Purity Rinse

Use daily for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Natural Avocado moisturizes and hydrates.

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9 Wella Lifetex Wake-Up Call Hydrating Purity Wash

For daily use, livens the senses. Natural Avocado moisturizes and hydrates.

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10 Wella Wella Liquid Hair Matte Finish Wax

Forms hair easily giving elastic style. Ideal for forming and flat molding, or to accentuate individual strands in dry hair. Benefits: Creates a matte finish without a sticky build-up. Protects the hair from sunlight damage. Helps seal split-ends and improve combability.

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