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1 Wella Biotouch Nutri-Care Curl Intensive Mask

The specially developed complex of nutrents, plus Vitamin A and Olive Fruit Extract, leave hair looking naturally beautiful and healthy. The formula of rich ingredients provides curly hair with renewed vitality and elasticity, while intesely conditioning.

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2 Wella Lifetex Big Splash Hydrating Purity Rinse

Use daily for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Natural Avocado moisturizes and hydrates.

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3 Wella Lifetex Wake-Up Call Hydrating Purity Wash

For daily use, livens the senses. Natural Avocado moisturizes and hydrates.

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4 Wella Wella Liquid Hair Matte Finish Wax

Forms hair easily giving elastic style. Ideal for forming and flat molding, or to accentuate individual strands in dry hair. Benefits: Creates a matte finish without a sticky build-up. Protects the hair from sunlight damage. Helps seal split-ends and improve combability.

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6 Wella Liquid Hair Moisture Rinse Daily Conditioner

Contains the Multi-Active Protector complex which bonds to the hair structure to give volume, texture, and shine. Intensive moisturizers renew permed, color-treated or dry hair.

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7 Wella Liquid Hair Style Builder

Wella Liquid Hair Style builder Hair rescue gel 3.4 oz - instantly revives hairstyles by rebuilding volume and texture with natural Cellugum fibers. Creates special ribboning and layering effects. Eliminates frizz, leaves hair glossy. UV filters and tri-moisturizer complex protect hair from fadage and environmental damage.

8 Wella Liquid Hair Straight Ahead Gel Straightener

Wella Liquid Hair Straight Ahead Gel Straightener 5oz - Straightens naturally curly or permed hair until the next shampoo. Ideal in humid enviroments, does not weigh hair down. Pro-Vitamins penetrate the hair shaft for healthy -looking, shiny hair. UV filters protect the hair from color fadage and enviromental damage.

9 Wella Brilliance Treatment for Fine

Enriched with diamond dust, this intense treatment adds a brilliant shine to hair whilst leaving it manageable and silky soft.

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10 Wella Brilliance Conditioner for Fine to Normal Colored Hair

This professional conditioner hydrates and nourishes fine hair without weighing it down. Enriched with diamond dust, this conditioner leaves hair glossy, smooth and shiny.

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