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1 mainelement:love Herbal Styling Balm

From sleek, smooth ponytails, puffs and updos to soft, yet natural hold to twist outs and braid outs this balm gently provides long lasting staying power. Palm, candelila, and neem oils seal in natures best moisture, while vitamins e and essential oils provide strength and nourishment. Your choice of blends: vanilla mint or citrus fusion to meet the needs of your hair. Apply wherever hold and...

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2 mainelement:love Herbal Shampoo Bar

This low sudsing shampoo gently removes product buildup while replenishing tresses with hair loving botanical oils. Leaves hair and scalp feeling cleansed, yet not dry or stripped.

Harnesses the power of rosemary and lavender essential oils to strengthen hair, prevent dry scalp, stimulate hair follicles and prevent excessive shedding. The essential oils provide a very light, neutral...