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11 nuNAAT Naat Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask

This product is a reconstructive cream rich in green keratin that restores hair thickness. Its concentrated formula works effectively throughout the hair, reconstructing hair and providing a gradual increase in hair strength, shine, and softness. The naat Brazilian Keratin line maintenance goes beyond a cosmetic effect common. Its products are developed with the latest technology combined with...

12 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Leave-In Conditioner

Naat Silicon Leave-In with Silicone, Keratin and Ceramides protects hair, making it more manageable, and provides intense hair conditioning. It also makes hair more flexible and prevents dryness. This product may be applied to either wet or dry hair.

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13 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask

Naat Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask with Silicone, Keratin and Ceramides is specially formulated to moisturize dry and damaged hair. Its hydrating agents help nourish hair, making it more resilient and revitalized.

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14 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Moisturizing Shampoo

Naat Silicon Moisturizing with Silicone, Keratin and Ceramides is highly recommended for damaged and brittle hair. The key to this product’s effectiveness is reaction of Silicon, Keratin, and Ceramides with one another.

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15 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Fortifying Shampoo

Naat Silicon Fortifying Shampoo with Silicone, Keratin and Protein is the ideal solution to dry and fragile hair with split ends. It contains Silicone, Keratin and Protein, all of which make hair softer and shinier.

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16 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Hair Serum Hair Polisher

Naat Silicon Hair Polisher with Silicone, Keratin and Protein creates a protective film on your hair, eliminating frizz and providing an intense shine. Rinsing is not necessary. The Hair Polisher may be applied either to dry or wet hair.

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17 nuNAAT Naat Silicon Fortifying Hair Mask

Naat Silicon Fortifying Hair Mask with Silicone, Keratin and Protein revitalizes hair that is dry, fragile and with split ends. This product contains hydrating agents that condition hair, resulting in hair that looks gentle and shinny. It will also make hair stronger and more resilient.

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18 nuNAAT Karite Special Leave-In Detangler

This formula was created to make the hair combing process easier and to nourish and moisturize hair fibers. This product's nutritional properties leave hair soft, silky and shiny. No rinse formula for dry, damaged and broken hair. Enriched with shea butter.

19 nuNAAT Karite Special Hair Mask

This product moisturizes dry, damaged and broken hair. Its ultra-rich formula contains shea butter, which intensely nourishes, restores, and regenerates the entire length of the hair. Your hair will be beautiful, silky, and most importantly, with vitality and an intense shine.

20 nuNAAT Karite Special Nourishing Shampoo

This formula has been especially developed to treat dry, damaged and broken hair. It contains active ingredients that ensure excellent smoothness and hydration. It cleanses hair, leaving it soft and immaculate.

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