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These homemade hair treatments come straight
from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 Coconut Milk & Honey Hair Smoothie Submitted by Curly-Kinky on Jun 26 2011

This treatment is ideal of for dehydrated curls.

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2 Scalp Moisturizing Treatment Submitted by Gretchen on Jul 8 2011

Keep all hair/scalp types moist.

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3 Mayonnaise & Avocado Deep Conditioner Submitted by Kinky-Coily on Jun 26 2011

This homemade deep conditioner is perfect for dry, frizzy hair.

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4 Papaya Moisture Drench Submitted by Kinky-Crimpy on Jun 26 2011

Papaya is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help nourish hair, remove unwanted residues, and add shine and softness. Here’s how to get healthy hair with a raw papaya hair treatment.

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5 Leave in Conditioner Submitted by tiffjust2002 on Aug 24 2011

a easy and simple homemade leave in conditioner, detangling spray mix

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6 refreshing tea spray Submitted by Fmasuhr on Aug 29 2011

this super easy spray isnt just refreshing, it also moisturizers and makes the hair soft from that dreaded crunch! i make it up and put it in a small spray bottle for when im on the run and need a bit of a kick.

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7 Simple Morning Curl Refresher Submitted by Necolemarie on Sep 15 2011

You can use this right when you get out of the shower (wet hair) or after waking up (dry hair). I use it on my "not as curly" hair and also on my daughters h"very curly" air (in the picture. This will rejuvinate your curls back to the healthy look you are trying to maintain.

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8 Hair Spray Submitted by Jadedea Jade on Sep 26 2011

This is a water and essential oil spray that you can use to condition your hair daily or refresh some curls without using products.

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