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1 styling cream Submitted by naturalyblack18 on Mar 11 2013

i just mixed all these ingredients together ...i eyeballed all the ingredients to my satisfaction

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2 *THICK N' DREAMY MOISTURIZING STYLING CREAM* Submitted by madalemon on Jun 13 2013

I recently read The Curly Girl Handbook (i highly reccomend it), and many times throughout the book using gel was reccomended. I gave flax seed gel a try but I don't like the look or feel that gel gives to my hair. I experimented and came up with this styling cream. It leaves my hair shiny, soft, defined, and frizz free. I love it! It also doesnt expire like flax seed gel, which is great! This...

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3 Shake-n-go Natural Curls Submitted by juspat on Aug 25 2011

Take a jar or tube of gel and mix by hand or mixer the rest of the ingredients until it turns into a pudding look then use. Hair is curly, healthy, and has a sheen but not oily.

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4 Mango Butter Whip Submitted by RNaturall on Jan 19 2012

If you love Shea Butter, but find it a tad bit to heavy, then try this mango butter whip. Works great as a sealer, moisturizer and helps define twist and/or braids, twist outs and/or braid outs and knots.

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5 Creamy Shea Butter Submitted by AlikaIssa on Aug 22 2011

This recipe is great for styling twists, braids, twist outs, bantu knot outs and a variety of other styles. Use on damp hair.

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6 Exotic Moisture Hair Cream Submitted by thesongbird27 on Jul 28 2011

Mix of exotic oils and butters that seals on moisture in the hair and is also a great body cream.

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7 Lavender Styling Crème Submitted by missbanjo on Aug 8 2011

I'm calling it styling creme because I saw the Bronner's Styling Creme and figured I had most of the ingredients in it. I'm using it as a leave-in and loving it.

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8 3 ingredient hair pudding. Submitted by respect_my_curl on Sep 4 2014

This is the easiest recipe I ever came up with on a bored Saturday night. Extra moisturizing defined curls without breaking bank buying expensive styling products.

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9 Best Moisturizing Holding cream Submitted by mrzcook on Nov 11 2014

Shea Butter 1 tablespoon jbco, vitamin e, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil

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