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from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 Shea Butter Oil Mixture Submitted by jmojica34 on Oct 20 2011

This mixture, puts back the shine and bounce your hair. For those of you that are like me and have hair that drinks up hair lotions and looks dry by mid-day. This mixture is sure to make your twist look fresh and lotion all day long.

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2 Spray-n-go Submitted by Niely_willy on Feb 15 2012

This spray is to moisturizer and shine hair when you wake up in the morning to dry crunchy hair!

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3 M's Hair Balm Submitted by mjshegog on Aug 25 2011

A Carol's Daughter like hair balm, but less expensive and easy to come by. Good for the scalp. Great for ends that need a little more moisture. I use it after my leave in conditioner before my curl definer to keep the curls soft and moisturized. Most every ingredient (except Shea Butter) is easily found at the grocery store.

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5 Blackcore Edge Max Review Submitted by pizzzamzn on Sep 17 2016

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