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1 No Cook Flax Gel Submitted by kittenspawn on Jul 22 2015

Easier and safer than the traditional method. Produces different density gel depending on how long the seeds are soaked.

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2 http://www.supplementmag.com/instant-performer-reviews/ Submitted by blosemolenik on Jul 5 2016

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3 The Meaning Of muscle Submitted by nerissacline on Aug 13 2016

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4 http://revivagenixfacts.com/intellex-plus/ Submitted by enleykim on Feb 28 2017

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5 http://www.skinsephora.com/lunexia-reviews/ Submitted by AlicaUhr on Mar 22 2017

Smooth your thoughts, manipulate your pressure. Meditation, leisurely strolls, reading, and quiet song can help all of that. If you honor the idea to surrender running at the least 90 mins in advance than bedtime, your thoughts should have a risk to unwind and get in the groove of drowsing. Take that paintings ban one step in addition and initiate a blue-slight ban hours preceding to bedtime;...

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6 http://www.healthsupplementsreviews.info/gain-xt/ Submitted by pachecoclinton on Dec 9 2016

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7 Aloe Pectin Hair Jelly Submitted by Valeriia.Sua on Feb 21 2012

Aloe Vera Juice and Pectin Jelly

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8 Linseed (Flax seed) Gel/ Leave in Conditioner Submitted by obia.ejikeme on Mar 14 2013

4C HAIR - Used as my leave-in conditioner. Amazing moisturiser. Also helps control frizz and improves definition of twist/ bantu knot outs

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9 Flax seed gel Submitted by Devri1 on Dec 16 2013

courtesy of http://adornabelle.com/

...in the real world of curly hair, that wash-and-go look has taken a lot of perfecting. One of the things I have found to help tame my curls is a magical recipe for flax seed hair gel.

Okay, so it’s not really magical. But it does keep my hair frizz-free and manageable, even though I live in the Pacific NorthWet where frizz is as much...

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10 Vegan Chamomile & Mint styling gel Submitted by hallamaa on Mar 13 2014

This recipe will make a small batch of completely vegan hair gel recipe with chamomile and mint! It gives medium hold and definition for fine wavy hair. The final product lasts for about a week in the fridge. Please remember to check for freshness before use! Lemon juice acts as a mild preservative, but it doesn't have strong enough antimicrobial properties to make this gel last in room...

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