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31 Anti Frizz Mask Submitted by hannahbanana01 on Jul 29 2014

This mask tames frizz and helps keep moisture.

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32 Lighten And Moisturize Submitted by azizaj on Aug 4 2014

This recipe is an easy and natural way to lighten your hair as well as moisturize it. All of the ingredients are totally edible also (though they probably don't taste so good together)

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33 Banana Hair Smoothie Submitted by k3nzia on Aug 26 2014

This is a recipe that I put together after trying several different homemade ones. Defiantly my favorite! The mix of all the ingredients leave my hair feeling super soft and moisturized, which afterwards leads to a bomb-ass wash and go! This recipe can obviously be changed up to fit your texture, or your hair's needs, so go ahead and give it a try!

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34 Chocolate Banana Smoothie Submitted by rhamoda1 on Aug 30 2014

This is a yummy and easy-to-apply deep conditioner that works especially well at moisturizing hair, detangling, and promoting better definition of curls. The cocoa powder is excellent for additional cleansing and moisturizing, and it also boosts your natural hair color. The banana is an EXCELLENT moisturizer and makes the conditioner smell amazing! It is pretty thick which is nice for applying to...

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35 deep conditioner Submitted by NaturallyDiana on Sep 30 2014

Organic and healthy

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36 Quick Simple Conditioner Submitted by MeMe2000 on Oct 2 2014

This conditioner is for ladies that have a hard time trying to find very expensive conditioner from a beauty supply store or your local Walmart etc. It might stink but the way you clean it out it shouldn't smell that way.

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37 Avocado With Love Submitted by bklynfnst718 on Oct 7 2014

This mixture is very moisturizing and helps to keep hair in healthy status while only using stuff u see in the kitchen.

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38 Egg Protein Deep Conditioner Oil Treatment Submitted by AngelleahM21 on Nov 13 2014

•Deep Conditioner Oil Treatment For Most Curly Hair Types •Strengthens Hair For Elasticity & Shine! • The Oil Keeps The Hair Moisturized While The Eggs Promote Hair Growth!

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39 Homemade Holy Grail Deep Conditioning Smoothie Submitted by CatalinaVasquez on Nov 28 2014

This amazing recipe will literally bring your curls to life! This deep conditioner should work on all hair types. A blender is required. It doesn't matter what kind of blender you have just as long as you have NO clumps and lumps and bumps and all that junk.

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40 avocado & banana Dc Submitted by LovinMyMane82 on Dec 23 2014

This deep conditioner gives softness, shine, & frizz free curls & it won't put a dent in your pockets. I'm sure there are other dc's with these ingredients, but I find this combo great on my 4a mane.

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