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41 Avocado and Coconut Cream Submitted by EvieBea on Sep 25 2012

Avocado and coconuts are both excellent for the dryness that curly kinky hair has. Amla oil is excellent for the itchiness, dandruff or any other issue scalp ailment and Olive oil is also a great moisturizer...

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42 Greek Yogurt and Honey mask Submitted by lynwood.mill on Nov 3 2012

Deep conditioner/mask with Greek yogurt, honey, and oil. Smells delicious and allows your hair to soak in moisture and protein to maximize health and shine!!

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43 Lovely Deep Conditioner Submitted by WritetoReading on Nov 24 2012

This lovely recipe will leave your hair shiny, bouncy, hydrated, and smelling like a cookie!

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44 Protein Humectant Deep Conditioner Submitted by ladyvirtuosi on Nov 25 2012

My PHDC retains moisture and adds protein to the hair - two key factors in hair growth and strength!

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45 Honey, avocado and coconut oil DIY Submitted by kris_marisol on Apr 13 2013

This deep conditioner is ideal for thirsty curls. I went to Russia on vacation, and my curls suffered the REALLY cold weather there, but I tried this deep conditioner, and now my curls are back to normal and better!

The quantities in this recipe work for me. I have long hair, curly it goes down to the middle of my back. I recommend to use all the mix, but you can always take what's left...

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46 The Cinnamon Combo Submitted by TeamMJ on May 25 2013

great for giving hair a shine and for hydrating your curls

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47 Avocado and Mayonaise deep conditioner Submitted by wavycurlygaby on Jun 3 2013

Moisturizes and adds shine to your dry hair with this simple recipe

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48 Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner Submitted by curlgirl3902 on Aug 5 2013

Great Deep Conditioner! Adds length, moisture, and volume.

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49 Egg Protein Treatment Submitted by rosy12 on Nov 25 2013

This easy to make recipe is to strenghten hair, (for ALL hair types)

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50 Moisturizing banana hair smoothie Submitted by way2prettie on Nov 29 2013

amazing moisturizing deep conditioner/mask.
Banana for potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and others.
Egg for protein
Olive oil for its conditioning properties and to prevent frizz.
Coconut oil for protein and moisturization

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