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61 Avocado Deep Conditioner Submitted by mpcoleman on Jan 3 2015

An easy to make deep conditioner that helps strengthen, add shine and define curls.

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62 Avocado deep treatment for low porosity hair Submitted by janelle.ferg on Jan 24 2015

This treatment will allow low porosity cuticles to open up and absorb in moisture. This will leave your hair feeling like butter; knots will melt away, your fingers will glide throught your hair, and your hair will remain hydrated after you wash it out. For best results put this mixture in as a pre-poo (before you wash your hair) because low porosity dry hair better absorbs moisture than wet hair....

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63 Oh.. Honey! Submitted by beautifulald on Feb 9 2015

Best deep conditioner for frizz, shine and hair growth :D Especially in humid climates this is a must! DO NOT deep condition daily, especially if you want to grow out your hair, because all the build-up on your scalp would block your hail follicle from growing.

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64 Avocado Banana deep conditioner for reverting hair Submitted by jadescoils on Apr 3 2015

This deep conditioner is great for potentially- damaged hair. I use it when reverting my hair from a flat ironed state or any state in which excessive heat was used.

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65 Mango Mask Submitted by Michelle on Apr 15 2015

Yes, mangos can do much more for your hair other than give your tresses a heavenly scent. Being rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish and promote hair growth is the main reason we find tons of hair recipes and hair products that include mango. The vitamin A in mangos helps to fight dandruff while also adding a natural sheen to your strands. This is why you find them in many moisturizers. The...

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66 Olive Oil & Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment Submitted by Michelle on Apr 17 2015

After today, your hair will be the softest it's ever been.

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67 Peppermint Hair Body Butter Submitted by Michelle on May 22 2015

Lately, peppermint has been my favorite essential oil to use in spray bottles, butters and even by itself on the inside of my wrists as a "perfume," it smells so yummy! Fun fact about peppermint oil: This oil is antiseptic in nature. When massaged on the scalp it helps to remove dandruff and lice in addition to its usual cooling effect. When applied on the skin, peppermint oil keeps pimples at...

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68 Banana Cream Deep Conditioner Submitted by Michelle on May 22 2015

We know you want shiny, frizz-free, and healthy curls. Lucky you, we have some recipes with simple ingredients you'll find in your very own kitchen--even the novice natural will find these conditioning masque recipes easy to make. This banana-based recipe works well for limp, dull curls.

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69 The Ultimate Mask Submitted by Michelle on May 22 2015

I use these recipes as soon as I start to see my hair getting frustrated. I can easily spot my hair edging near the point of no return. Usually I am able to reverse the situation quickly.

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70 The Simplest DIY DC Submitted by JunyJu on May 26 2015

A very simple recipe for a deep conditioner with lovely results, using products that you will either a) find lying around your kitchen or b) have no issue picking up at a nearby store for little cost. Makes your hair soft to the touch, and manages frizz. *I just did this today before posting the recipe, as I wanted to try it before telling others to do it. While washing it out, my hair was...

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