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611 Janelle Beauty Diva Smooth Hair Smoothing Agent

Diva Smooth is an alternative to chemically straightened hair, it gets your hair healthy and provides a smoother hair cuticle base by infusing your hair with all natural ingredients. These ingredients also provide a protective layer from heat and with the use of a flat iron, allows your hair to be styled straight and soft. All of this without the adverse effects of a chemical relaxer. Your hair is...

612 Pureology NanoGlaze Styling Hair Cream

Tame fly-aways and smooth any type of hair to a silky finish that's all satin sheen. NanoGlaze is the perfect blow dry creme, to create weightless hold with a long lasting no-product feel. Innovative Nano Technology offers thermal and colour protection while drying hair up to 35% faster ~ AntiFade Complex® ensures colour vibrancy and brilliance.

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613 Design Essentials Silk Essentials

Healthy, shiny and silky hair is an essential part of everyone's lifestyle today. DESIGN ESSENTIALS compliments this desire by providing hair with moisture binding 100% silk that improves the feel, gloss and manageability of hair instantly. Enriched with natural organic silk, Silk Essentials contains 17 simple amino acids that easily penetrates the cuticle, immediately strengthens, bonds and mends...

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614 The Zoe Line Sydney's Shea Organic Balm

Zoe Sydney's Shea Organic Balm absorbs easily, helping to condition, soften, smooth, protect, and prevent dry hair, scalp, and skin.

615 Soma Solace Anti-Frizz Serum

Close split ends and control frizz, while adding amazing shine and lubricity to unmanageable hair. A unique alcohol-free blend of the most natural and purest organic silicones makes Soma Solace a lightweight and non-greasy alternative for shiny hair without the hold.

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616 JustNatural Shampoo to Remove Build Up

Use this shampoo to remove deposits or product build-up on your hair. Black hair needs lots of conditioning and it is common to use waxes and deep-conditioners. This creates build-up on hair and the scalp. Our natural shampoo removes build-up left over from other products like oils, treatments, creams, hair sprays, mousses, gels, waxes and pomades. This leaves your hair refreshed and full of...

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617 Nature`s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Shampoo

Our Pomegranate Sunflower Shampoo defends color-treated hair from the damaging effects of UV rays, the environment and styling. This lavish shampoo is formulated with Pomegranate, Sunflower and Red Tea Leaf for their antioxidant properties and our 7 Healthy Hair Nutrients to strengthen and revitalize hair. With daily use, this shampoo helps extend the vibrancy of your colored tresses.

618 JustNatural Dry Hair Lotion for Natural Black Hair

This lotion will moisturize, de-frizz and give you definition,with soft hold all at the same time. This aloe based curl taming lotion is a rich styling moisturizer for medium to highly textured hair, that dries with a touchable feel. It has added soft hold for wonderful definition even with the most defiant curls. Formulated with premium ingredients like Shea butter, Lavender and...

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619 JustNatural Herbal Hair Pomade for Black Hair

This organic hair pomade cream for black hair is versatile, lightweight and gives long-lasting flexible control with excellent anti-frizz benefits. This ultra-conditioning formula provides control without stiffness or greasiness. Mowrah and Avocado penetrate to nourish and smooth the hair shaft while Camelina provide superior conditioning. Helps nourish and protect hair, leaving a...

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620 JustNatural Loss and Thin Black Hair Treatment

Maybe you have it all wrong about your hair loss. You may be thinking Your hair may be thinning instead. As we get older the size of each hair shaft gets smaller. You still have the same number of follicles or hair, but each hair strand is thinner. This organic treatment is absorbed by each hair strand increasing its diameter for fuller thicker hair. Developed especially for the needs of...

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