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3731 L`Anza Art Elements Powder Up Texturizer

L'ANZA Art Elements Powder Up Texturizer provides lightweight texture instantly without stiff or sticky results. Allows for natural movement, volume, and separation throughout the day! Featuring Keratin Healing system, nano science is used to deliver micronized Silica into the hair which absorbs completely with no trace of white powder residue. Hair is healed for better control and...

3732 L`Anza Swim and Sun Daily Chelating Shampoo

Lanza Swim and Sun Daily Chelating Shampoo is an extra gentle sulfate-free and EDTA-free chelating shampoo that removes impurities from pool water, well water, hard water and the environment. Contains phytic acid, a natural chelator derivced from rice that eliminates "swimmer's green" hair and "well water orange" hair while HPF 30 provides triple the UV protection to keep hair from becoming rough,...

3733 L`Anza Healing Style Beach Spray

L'ANZA Healing Style Beach Spray creates tousled, windswept hair styles with natural looking waves and separation. The unique formula contains nourishing ocean botanicals and fortifying sea minerals to give hair a healthy fresh from the beach look. Features the L'ANZA Keratin Healing System, which preserves color and contains triple UV protectors and thermal guard.

3734 L`Anza Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo

L'ANZA Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo instantly brightens gray, white, platinum, blonde, and highlighted hair. This sulfate-free shampoo also preservers hair color, making your light locks look its best.

3735 L`Anza Healing Style Ultimate Gel

L'ANZA Healing Style Ultimate Gel is a hard-hold gel that delivers strong support for sleeking, sculpting, or spiking hair with maximum control. Provides the strongest hold, control, and support with its alcohol-free formula that dries quickly and maintains hairstyles all day. Featuring L'ANZA's Keratin Healing System, color preservers, triple UV protectors, thermal guard, and rainforest...

3736 L`Anza Healing Style Design F/X

L'ANZA Healing Style Design F/X is a flexible working spray that is lightweight and provides a flexible, lightweight hold. Brushable with natural movement, this spray provides UV and haircolor protection, and is humidity resistant. The quick-drying formula is excellent for detailing and layering without stiffness or build-up. Allows for natural movement that is always brushable and frizz-free....

3737 RI CI Splash Shampoo

Splash Shampoo will cleanse your hair without drying it out. Massage a small amount through your roots. While rinsing, work the shampoo through the ends. When used with Drench Conditioner, it will create a fully nourished and manageable curl.

3738 RI CI Memory Setting Spray

Memory Setting Spray is perfect for locking in curl while holding your style in place and blocking out frizz. It can be used on wet or dry hair and always used when diffusing. Memory Setting Spray is the only spray that your curls will need to stay defined and in control.

3739 RI CI Velvet Serum

Velvet Smooth Serum helps define curls while reducing frizz, producing soft curls with remarkable shine. Use Velvet Smooth Serum as the final step in styling.

3740 ThermaFuse f450 Hot Armor

Hot Armor is a styling support and protection for use with flat irons and dryers set to high styling temperatures, or when a daily regimen of hair styling include the use of heat. Hot Armor will reduce mechanical friction, and speed-up styling dry time as it guards against moisture-loss and dryness. Adds lasting shine, promotes smoothness, controls frizz and flyaways.