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2771 Mia Simone`s Boutique Herbal Hair Nutrition Conditioning Rinse

A healthy, nutrition filled conditioning rinse.

2772 Davines No 9 Structuring Mist for Wizards

Davines No. 9 Structuring Mist is a versatile spray that builds texture into any style. When using a curling or flat iron, this product enhances smoothness and shine.

2773 Mizani Moisturizing Silkening Liquid Gel

Enriched with Rosemary Extract, Chamomile and natural oil this leave-in lotion silkens hair as it moisturizes and quenches dry hair while maintaining natural-looking curl and wave patterns.

2774 Mizani Thermasmooth Shampoo

A creamy, conditioning shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the hair in preparation for the smoothing process. The advance C3 smoothing Complex deposits pure, nourishing coconut oil to help moisturize and detangle dry and brittle hair.

2775 Mizani Foam Wrap

A light, non-flaking foaming formula that balances ceramide technology, with shea butter, nature’s finest moisturizing ingredient, for creating the ultimate luxurious wet set.

2776 Lustrasilk Aloe Vera Cholesterol

Lustrasilk cholesterol with Aloe Vera is carefully formulated with deep conditioning agents that treat extremely damaged hair. Aloe Vera extract has been added for increased moisturizing properties and to provide extra protection from hot curling irons and blow dryers.

2777 Lustrasilk Placenta and Jojoba Oil Cholesterol

Lustrasilk Cholesterol with Placenta and Jojoba Oil is perfect for all hair types, especially damaged hair. It provides extra protection from hot curling irons and blow dryers. Once you start using Lustrasilk Cholesterol with Placenta and Jojoba, you will never go back to your old cholesterol.

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2778 Aeto Botanica Reviving Drops

Aeto Botanica's colorant and paraben-free smoothing serum is a virtual fountain of youth for the hair. The drops work to contour, control and relax all hair types. Fortified with the rare Moringa tree elixir, the natural ingredients increase moisture and protect against environmental stress. The masterful blend of botanical extracts results in the creation of a gentle product that is a must for...

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2779 Sofnfree GroHealthy Olive Oil Growth Lotion

Just what her thin, frail hair needs. Plenty of liquids. Give your little girl's dehydrated hair and dry scalp a daily bath of healing olive oil and other natural moisturizers like nettle and rosemary. Good-bye weak, breaking, thin and itchy. Hello, strong, think, and healthy.

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2780 Sofn'free N'Pretty Olive and Sunflower Oil Moisturizing Lotion

This light moisturizing lotion combines the legendary strengthening and nourishing benefits of olive oil with the luster-enhancing power of sunflower oil to give your child's hair the extra strength, shine, and softness to the touch you both will love! Soft and strong! Isn't that just how you want your princess?

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