1st day of school

1st day of school 2c 3a Out & Loose Fingercoils
( 2c, 3a ) | 9.8.16

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After getting out of the shower, I re-sprayed my hair with water and then divided it into 2 sections. Clipping one section away, I worked on one half at a time. First I applied Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk to the section of hair, following with standard sweet almond oil. On top of that, I added SheaMoisture JBCO Leave-in and twisted sections of hair in the directions the naturally curl/wave in. I payed extra attention to the back of my hair with the finger curling because they aren't as healthy and thus need more encouragement. I repeated the same steps on the other section and then scrunched my hair with a cotton T-shirt. I think if I remember correctly I let it air dry for a while before going in with the diffuser.