2 strand flat twist and a twist out

2 strand flat twist and a twist out  3c 4a Out & Loose Twist Out
( 3c, 4a ) | 10.30.14

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co-wash and detangle your hair apply your leave and and sealant 
Make a parts in the front of your hair as wide as you like it  then proceed to do the 2 stand twist flat twist 
take a satin scarf and tie it over your flat twist only leaving the rest of the hair out 
continue to 2 strand twist the rest of the hair when done put a satin bonnet on over night or wear the style like that for the day 
in the case that you slept on it in the morning remove the satin scarf and unravel the twist and boom!! Wonderful style for the next for days....also to maintain the stye just retwist after 2 days with water and keep the flat twist tied down underneath the bonnet