2nd day curls

2nd day curls  3b Out & Loose Wash and Go long curly hair wash n go devacurl 2nd day hair naturally curly hair plopping mixed 3b/3c hairtype Lovemycurls curl definition
( 3b ) | 10.7.15
Tagged: long curly hair, wash n go, devacurl, 2nd day hair, naturally curly hair, plopping, mixed, 3b/3c hairtype, Lovemycurls, curl definition

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Wash with No Poo Decadence
Apply One Condition Decadence, detangle with wide tooth comb, leave on for 5 mins, and rinse. Do not rinse all of the conditioner out, leave some as leave in. 
Apply Super Cream in sections to wet hair. Rake and scrunch as you go. Spray Set It Free to seal.
Plop hair in cotton t-shirt to soak up excess water, leave in t-shirt for 15-20 mins. 
Take t-shirt off and air dry