2nd/3rd curly hair day style idea

2nd/3rd curly hair day style idea  3a 3b Updo
( 3a, 3b ) | 12.17.15

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1. Dampen hair with a water squirt bottle 2. Apply a dallop size of Shea moisture coconut milk to hair to moisturizer the curls (any leave in conditioner will also work)3. Smooth the top of the head with an anti frizz serum 4. Leave some hair out to frame the face 5. Move hair to desired side 6. Split the hair into two sections 7. Take a small Section from the back of one of the sections and bring it across the front to he other section 8. Now take a section from the back of the other section and cross it in front to Make it apart of another section and continue doing this  (if this is confusing just look up a fishtail braid tutorial) 9. Use Bobby pins as needed and curl the strands framing the face with either a curling iron or dampening the strand and applying a curl Creme (twisting it with your fingers) This look is great if you do not feel like having your hair completely down. It is also an easy work out hair style. I felt like katniss everdeen. When my mom asked who wanted to taste test her food, I could not help myself and yelled" I volunteer as tribute!" This is an all around pretty and casual look that can also be fancy.