3 strand twist out

3 strand twist out 4a 4b 4c Out & Loose Twist Out
( 4a, 4b, 4c ) | 11.30.14

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Start on freshly washed hair or an old style. I prefer old hair in order to keep some of the length
 Divide hair into easy working sections as you normally do for a twist out or braid out
To add moisture back into your hair, spray the Carol's Daughter's black vanilla leave-in conditioner on each section, followed by your favorite leave in and styling product
start the 3 strand twist by grabbing 3 sections and begin braiding about 3 times down. Then wrap the farthest strand around the strand on the opposite side and continue
Easier watched then explained. Great Youtubers like Mynaturalsistas and others have great demos that I learned from. Let style dry over night and take out the next day, applying Carol's Daughter's  tui moisturzing  hair sheen to your hair to reduce frizz, retain moisture and add shine. This is a 2nd day 3 strand twist out and any hair type can achieve this style!