3 Strand Twist Out

3 Strand Twist Out 3c Out & Loose Flat Twist Out curly fro spiral curls heatless curls Overnight twist out 3 strand twist flat twist flat twist out
( 3c ) | 6.16.17
Tagged: curly fro, spiral curls, heatless curls, Overnight, twist out, 3 strand twist, flat twist, flat twist out

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Section hair off into 4 equal parts.
Wet the section of the hair you want to work on and comb using a wide toothed comb.
Apply oil to hair (I use coconut oil or olive oil from the grocery store)
Begin 3 strand flat twisting the newly sectioned part.
Continue this process until your head is covered in 3 strand flat twists on both sides of your head. I do 4-5 twists on each side of my head. *Sometimes I style with a side part for flare*