3a/ 3b curls - Defined & dried upside down

3a/ 3b curls - Defined & dried upside down  3a Out & Loose Long Curly Hair
( 3a ) | 4.29.17

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My curly hair rules: 1. Add Leave In Conditioner + Seal with Oil before Styling Products. 2. Add Styling Products (and above) while hair is still soaking wet. 3. Less is more. I used to apply way too much gel a few years ago. 4. Be fussy with parting/ direction of bangs before it's too late - especially if drying hair upright. Drying my hair upside down tends to help with this in a very natural manner. 5. Allow hair to dry to 50% before flipping it - changing head direction to add in volume. This reduces frizz. 6. ALWAYS point the diffuser nozzle in same direction as hair growth. NEVER use the 'cupping hair' method. 
NB - I used the Living Proof Curl Enhancing Mousse (not the one shown below) - but I am not a fan of mousse for coarse hair. I prefer light weight gels. So I added some Aloe Vera Gel (100% natural stuff) to help with definition.