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3B naturals -  3b Out & Loose Long Curly Hair Curly Hair Simple Lovemycurls 3B Hair Wash and Go curl keeper gel devacurl devacurl one condition biracial Black and white
( 3b ) | 10.8.15
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Using DevaCurl OneCondition, gently co-wash your scalp by massaging conditioner in a scrubbing motion, but not too hard! 
Detangle hair by finger combing DevaCurl OneCondition. I DO NOT rinse this out.
With hair soaking wet finger comb and scrunch Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper gel. Scrunch wet hair with an old TShirt (I used a Deva towel) to rid hair of excess water.
Diffuse hair on cool heat low setting until hair is not dripping wet. I switched back and forth from cool to warm setting. My hair is very thin so it didn't take long to dry. 
After my hair was about 70% dry I scrunched in more product to fluff it up and get rid of the wet look.