3rd Day Hair

3rd Day Hair 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go Third day hair style and go brunette summer styles 3b Spirally Curly naturally curly hair
( 3b ) | 6.20.16
Tagged: Third day hair, style and go, brunette, summer styles, 3b, Spirally Curly, naturally curly hair

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Spritz hair with water to activate products from previous days. Wet it enough so you can add more product for definition and to eliminate frizzy pieces. I used MultiCultural Curls Clear. This product is a lightweight gel and doesn't add much Moisture but it defines the curls.
When adding product you don't want to use too much so add half a dime size at a time. With the product I was using, it's really light weight and sort of watery by texture so I used just enough to coat my hair and get that definition. The only reason I do it this way is because it's hot and I know frizz will come later in th day if I don't!
Using the "praying hands" method smooth the product on your hair making sure to wet any additional pieces or sections of hair before applying any product. The products "sticks" better to wet hair and can really make a difference in curl pattern and frizz. Scrunch after smoothing product on your hair.
I let my hair air dry for a bit while I finished getting ready then once my ends were dry I needed more protection from frizz so I scrunched in Garnier Fructis Pure Clean gel. Not too much but just enough to keep it from frizzing throughout the day.