6 Day Wash and Go

6 Day Wash and Go  3c 4a 4b Out & Loose Wash and Go wash n go coil definition Natural Hair Lovemycurls Low maintenance natural hair
( 3c, 4a, 4b ) | 8.15.15
Tagged: wash n go, coil definition, Natural Hair, Lovemycurls, Low maintenance natural hair

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1. Shampoo hair, I use Tresemme Naturals moisturizing shampoo 
2. Condition and detangle with Tresemme Deep Moisture Conditioner. 
Deep Condition in the sections and, rinse with cold water.  With soaking wet hair, apply grease  (Blue Magic Coconut oil hairdress ) and generous amounts of gel ( Xtreme Wetline )
When done, I  shake my head back and forth, up and down, then diffuse. At night, I put my hair in loose ponytail and wrap with  scarf.  In the morning, I take it out and use the steam from the shower to wake my coils up. At night, spritz my hair with water and seal with grease. Repeat for 6 days.