a very rare good hair day

| November 19, 2018

  1. The day before wash day i saturate my hair in raw coconut oil and castor oil"
  2. "wash day i wash and condition as usual
  3. once i condition and rinse i plop my hair in the shower while its still wet"
  4. "out the shower i spray my hair with a mixture of clarified water and black castor oil and taliah waajid green apple aloe leave in conditioner"
  5. "i use ogx tea tree mint scalp treatment and rub into my scalp until it tingles"
  6. "i finger coil my hair upside down and then plop again (finger coiling helps to redefine my hair and keeps my hair from being frizzy)"
  7. "lastly i sun dry in my backyard and once all dry i add volume by raking my fingers at the roots