A Very Simple 2-Strand Twist Out: Suggested for Transitioners!

A Very Simple 2-Strand Twist Out: Suggested for Transitioners! 2c 3a 3b Out & Loose Twist Out #twistout #transitioners
( 2c, 3a, 3b ) | 10.15.15
Tagged: #twistout, #transitioners

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Step 1: Seperate the back from the front and the crown of your hair. Starting from the back, take a medium section (it depends on how defined you want your curls to be... The smaller, the more defined it'll be.) of hair and start to detangle that section.
Step 2. Once you finish detangling that section, first add a decent amount of coconut oil to your strands(to moisturize them). Next, add some Softee Clear Protein Styling Gel. Lastly, add a little bit of Cantu Twist & Lock Gel. 
Step 3: As your ready to twist, make your first three twists tight then make it loose until you've almost reach the tips of your hair. Once you've reach there, then make it tight again so your twist is secure.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until you've finished your whole head.
Step 5: Wrap your hair as usual. Once you're ready, take them out very carefully. The way you fix it is totally up to you. I took them out carefully then seperated the curl... And that was my result. I hope the steps were very informative.