Baby Buns (there are 2)

Baby Buns (there are 2) 3b 3c Updo Top Knot Shea moisture miss jessie's #BunLife Natural Hair naturallycurly Cowash
( 3b, 3c ) | 2.21.17
Tagged: Shea moisture, miss jessie's, #BunLife, Natural Hair, naturallycurly, Cowash

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1. Before officially starting, I cowash my hair in the shower and let it dry a bit so it has volume (but not so much that it's hard to work with) 2. Next, I apply a leave in, styling cream, and scrunch my curls with a gel3. I do one bun at a time. Using a hair tie, I pull my hair to where I want my bun to be (for the picture I pulled it towards the back, then up) 4. I tie the hair tie as if I'm doing a ponytail, but stop at my ends. Then adjust the ends to my liking. (I generally wrap the ends around my buns for more volume, but leave a few strands out for the messy look) 5. Last, I use a light gel to make it a bit neater and to style my baby hairs. I tend to pull out a few hairs to frame my face as well. Voila!