Bantu Knot Out

Bantu Knot Out  4a Out & Loose Bantu Knot Out Natural Hair naturallycurly #BantuKnots sheamoisture
( 4a ) | 7.16.15
Tagged: Natural Hair, naturallycurly, #BantuKnots, sheamoisture

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Making sure my hair is dry and detangled, I lightly dampen my hair with a water and oil mixture (Mane Choice Jojoba Oil) with my spray bottle. 
Using my hands, I take a section of my hair to start my Bantu knot. Small knots = tight curls, larger knots = loose/wavy curls. I love tight curls so I used small sections for this style. Making sure the section is still damp (if not don't hesitate to whip out the spray bottle!) I take a small amount of my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and apply it to the section. I use my fingers or sometimes a small comb to ensure the section has enough product. 
I then take a small amount of my Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé and smooth out the section. I also follow up with some Eco Styler Gel for hold. Here I double check and ensure the section is detangled and ready to twist for my knot. Splitting the section into two, I begin to two strand twist the section. When I'm done my twist, it's time to knot! 
Holding on to the end of my twist, I use my index finder to wind the two strand twist into a twist. Keeping the wound up twist, by holding on to the end of the twist, I use my other hand to hold onto the root of the twist to make an anchor. Using the hand holding the end of the twist, I proceed to wrap the twist around the anchor, making the knot. 
After wrapping my twist once around the anchor, each additional time it is wrapped around I make sure that it is wrapped underneath the twist prior.  Doing so secures the twist and ensures it won't unravel. Once I get to the end of my twist, I tuck the end at the bottom of the knot, and my knot is complete! I repeat, repeat and repeat until I finish my entire head. I usually let my knots dry over night to make sure my curls are defined. I apply a little Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to my fingertips to reduce frizz, and begin to take down my knots. Using my thumb and index finger I twist the knot in the opposite direction that I wrapped it, and my twist will come into view. Then I carefully separate the twist. Once I separate all of my twists I additionally separate them again for added volume. Lastly I take a pick and carefully pick at my roots (making sure not to disrupt the curl) to add some length to my style.