Bantu knots out

Bantu knots out 4a Out & Loose Bantu Knot Out
( 4a ) | 10.30.14

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Step 1: Deep condition your hair with conditioner of your choice. For this is used yogurt base DC with olive oil and jojoba oil. I used steamed towel to ensure DC penetrates hair follicle
Step 2: I washed off DC after 1 hr with conditioning shampoo. Air dried for 30 mins. Divided hair into 4parts. Sealed moisture with Shea butter and coconut oil for each section of hair.
Step3: i started the bantu knot for each section. I did finger detangling for each subbsection then applied Shea did a 2 strand twist retwisted then formed the knots. I did this for 1 hr 20 mins