Bantu Knots updo

Bantu Knots updo 4c Updo Bantu Knots #BantuKnots updo
( 4c ) | 11.13.14
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Washed my hair with Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo 
Parted my hair in 4 sections Moisturized my hair with coconut oil and used Argan Oil Perfect 7 Leave In Treatment detangled with denman brush
After letting my hair air dry for about 2 hours ,(in each section about 5-6 knots per section)  apply Carols Daughter Hair Milk Styling Butter thenTwist a small coil at the base of your scalp, Twist each section of hair for a few turns in between your fingertips, as though screwing in a screw or turning a doorknob 
Wrapped my hair with a silk scarf and let the rest dry overnight
Make sure your hair is completely dry before you take out knots. Use coconut oil on fingertips to help prevent frizz and gather hair in an updo (secure with bobbypins or a cut old stocking) in back and on the sides leavin curls on top of head style to your desire.