Before going natural

Before going natural 3b Out & Loose Blowout
( 3b ) | 7.21.16

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I used to flat iron my hair once or sometimes twice a day. While still getting my Brazilian blowout done and having the "perfect hair" for a week. I was NEVER satisfied, I can honestly say that I was a slave of blow dryers and flat irons..... Got my Bob haircut for the first time and since then I never got back to my long hair again. (It's been 4 years already) So then Beauty School Happened. Started to cut my hair shorter and shorter and finally did a Undercut !! And the feeling of letting my hair go natural was KILLING me... After 10 years of getting my chemicals this year I decided to let my hair go natural for the first time. So before my Big Chop I searched everything, I was literally saying OBSESSED by it. I WANTED my curls back! So finally I got my big chop and here I am.. Sharing my journey! See my big chop on the next pic! :-)