Best wavy hair day I've ever had!

Best wavy hair day I've ever had! 2b Out & Loose Wash and Go wavy hair
( 2b ) | 11.21.15
Tagged: wavy hair

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Cowash and condition lengths, finger detangling in shower. I like to rinse my conditioner out completely, and then add a small amount back to my hair.
Brush out with any sort of detangling or "wet" brush. I get my part situated during this step.
Hair is still soaking wet. I'll add a couple drops of hair oil, a few spritzes of sea salt spray (the product section depicts Aquage sea salt spray, but I actually used the SheaMoisture Zanzibar kind... I couldn't choose it as an option though), and a palmful of gel to each side in that order. Rake through and scrunch well.
Scrunch as much wetness as possible out with cotton t-shirt. Then I sit under my hood dryer for 30-40 minutes. No touching!
Once hair is dry, I scrunch out the crunch with a little more oil, and reach my fingers underneath my hair on both sides and fluff at the roots. Then I add a bit of pomade or paste to my not as defined sections and lightly scrunch or twirl. And we're done!