Braid out w/ "shaved side"

Braid out w/ "shaved side" 3c Out & Loose Braid Out Braid Out Natural Hair Eco styler stretched hair 3b/3c hairtype easy
( 3c ) | 3.8.15
Tagged: Braid Out, Natural Hair, Eco styler, stretched hair, 3b/3c hairtype, easy

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Part your hair how you would normally part it. (Not in the middle) Use a blow dryer to get roots dry. Then brush until blown out. Moisturize your hair with whatever product you use. I am using coconut oil. 
The smaller half put into a ponytail. Then section your hair horizontally. Scalp braiding your hair downwards. Twist the ends. Repeat this step. When you get to the back it gets a little challenging but slow down. If it doesn't feel right then it's not right.
When that side is completed take your hair out of the ponytail and section it into 3 parts. Apply it with gel and scalp braid all the way down. When you have all 3 braids complete tie the ends with a ponytail and bobby bin it down.
In the morning take your braids. The one with the ponytail holder tying it together don't mess with. Once braids are out stretch and fluff it how you like. 
Pin the 3 braids with the tie in the back of your hair and you are ready to rock it!!!