Braidout with Satin Strips for Transitioning

Braidout with Satin Strips for Transitioning 4a 4b 4c Out & Loose Braid Out transitioning hair type 4 hair braidout
( 4a, 4b, 4c ) | 11.14.14
Tagged: transitioning hair, type 4 hair, braidout

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Start on washed, deep conditioned, damp, detangled, stretched hair.Divide hair into 5 sections.Moisturize with a leave in of your choice.Detangle section.Make medium size parts within each section.Use curling product of your choice and smooth into section. Comb through.(Optional) Use an anti-humectant. Comb through.Begin a single 3-strand braid.Stop braiding at the line of demarcation.Take a satin ribbon and tie the ribbon at the line of demarcation.Use the ribbon as 2 of the strands to continue the 3 strand braid. Don’t be afraid to braid tightly at this point–the satin strip won’t hurt your hair, but it will create definitionTie the ribbon at the end of your hair in a single knot (double knot it if it’s coming undone, but make the second knot slightly looser).Repeat!