Carols Curly TwistOut

Carols Curly TwistOut 3c 4a 4b Out & Loose Twist Out Natural Hair twist out twist & curl naturalista short natural hair Kinks Curly Hair 3c coily coily 4chair #Twists Two strand twists naturallycurly
( 3c, 4a, 4b ) | 11.13.14
Tagged: Natural Hair, twist out, twist & curl, naturalista, short natural hair, Kinks, Curly Hair, 3c coily, coily, 4chair, #Twists, Two strand twists, naturallycurly

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After cleansing and conditioning hair with Carol's Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Duo, place hair in four larger sections. 
Going one section at a time, apply a small portion of Hair Milk Nourishing and Conditioning Styling Pudding to wet hair, and finger comb through hair to evenly distribute.
Coat fingers in a small amount of olive oil and begin twisting sectioned hair portions in two strand twists, all the way to the bottom of the hair strand. 
Once entire head has been twisted, each section being conditioned with Hair Milk  and put into individual two strand twists, sit underneath a hooded dryer for 20-25 mins or until hair is dry.
Once hair is dry, untwist twists, shake hair, and go!