Chunky Twisted Bun with a Faux Flat Twist

Chunky Twisted Bun with a Faux Flat Twist 4b 4c Out & Loose Twist natural hair 4c hair kids hairstyle bun twists updo
( 4b, 4c ) | 5.26.16
Tagged: natural hair, 4c hair, kids hairstyle, bun, twists, updo

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HOW TO RECREATE:STEP 1: Moisturize hair.STEP 2: Section hair into two parts, horizontally, making bottom section less than top section.STEP 3: Twist bottom section into one chunky twist making sure to stay in the middle.STEP 4: Put top section into a ponytail at the crown area and create 3 chunky twists.STEP 5: Wrap the 3 twists around each other and secure underneath the hair tie to create a twisted bun.STEP 6: Take the jumbo twist at the bottom and wrap around the base of the top twisted bun