Curls in the Wind - Wash and Go ;)

Curls in the Wind - Wash and Go ;) 3c 4a Out & Loose Wash and Go Wash and Go Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel natural curls
( 3c, 4a ) | 2.21.17
Tagged: Wash and Go, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, natural curls

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Whether styling freshly cleaned hair or wetting day(s) old curls (best results), make sure to squeeze out most of the water. I do not use anything but my hands to remove the excess water.
While bent over, add curl enhancer from root to end; grabbing sections to encourage natural clumping.
Standing up, use non hardening gel to define ends and optional part, if desired. 
Finally, get outside and let nature take care of the rest. If you cannot spend time outside, style your hair first to give you time to shake and flip before it's time to leave. *May need additional shaking and flipping throughout the day to achieve perfect placement. :)