Curly Confidence

Curly Confidence  3b Out & Loose Long Curly Hair #naturalhairdaily
( 3b ) | 1.23.16
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* This whole process is done in the shower* Use conditioner to massage and cleanse the scalp and finger detangle the hair 
Rinse out the product and split hair into sections and apply small amounts of leave in conditioner from the ends to the mid shaft of the hair (not the scalp)
Once every strand has product on it, scrunch the hair to get rid of any excess water or product and then apply some gel from the ends to the mid shaft of hair 
Once the gel is on every strand, scrunch the hair again to get out the excess water/product. Part hair however you would like and take a pea sized amount of gel in hands to smooth over the top of the head to prevent frizz
Let your hair air dry and once it is completely dry, scrunch it again to break the cast on the gel, and voila! Fluffy fun curls :) I like to flip my hair over and massage the scalp again to get more volume also!