Curly hair - Angled Bob Haircut

Curly hair - Angled Bob Haircut 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go short hair Brunette short natural hair 3B Hair
( 3b ) | 7.25.16
Tagged: short hair, Brunette, short natural hair, 3B Hair

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Wet hair and finger comb Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls through the hair - be sure to apply and shape curls for ultimate definition. Diffuse the hair until dry using low setting and switching between warm and cool air settings. Scrunch hair with damp tshirt to increase volume at least once during he drying process (using hands may create unwanted frizz). Once dry, apply a nickel size amount of Miss Jessie's MultiCultural Clear (found at Target) and also a pea size of Biosilk Silk Therapy and scrunch into hair. Scrunch until desired volume has been achieved.