Curly Super Faux Hawk

Curly Super Faux Hawk 4b Out & Loose Wash and Go #afro mohawk fauxhawk naturallycurly
( 4b ) | 10.28.14
Tagged: #afro, mohawk, fauxhawk, naturallycurly

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Cleanse hair with Ouidad Curl Recovery Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil.
Apply Unwash Hydrating Hair Masque while still damp; rinse.
Apply Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner and Styling Primer - I personally use it as a leave-in. Make sure to pull some of your curls forward over your forehead for an impromptu bang look.
Now your curls are hydrated and defined. Using bobby pins, pull back about a 1-2 inch section of hair above your ear. Twist it smooth and secure with bobby pins. I use two, one on bottom and one on top to lock it in. Do this to both sides.
I love hair accessories, so I love adding a flower or barette for a festive look!