Curlyness routine

Curlyness routine 3a Out & Loose Wash and Go 3A adult hair
( 3a ) | 3.11.15
Tagged: 3A, adult hair

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Use No Poo cleanser. I use about a quarter size amount for medium length hair. Massage into scalp. Don't worry about the rest of the hair. When you rinse it out it will cleanse the rest of the hair.
Use One Condition. Again a quarter size amount. I flip my head down for more body. I run my fingers through my hair to distribute the conditioner & remove any tangles. I do not rinse out the conditioner. Then I scrunch like crazy!
I continue with my head flipped forward out of the shower. I use a t-shirt, microfiber towel or paper towels to scrunch excess water out of my hair. Just enough so it's not dripping anymore.
I continue with my head flipped and with a closed hand smooth a quarter size amount of Arc Angel Gel on the back side of my hair. Then I smooth a quarter size amount to the front. I smooth it through so as not to disrupt the curl pattern. Then more scrunching.
I flip my head up & let the curls land naturally. I do not touch the curls again until dry to avoid frizz. If I have time, I let it dry naturally. If not, I use a diffuser with head flipped forward. Once the Curls are totally dry, I scrunch to break the gel cast to reveal beautiful bouncy curls!