Current wash n go styling routine

Current wash n go styling routine 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go #washNgo #afrolatina #naturalhair #naturally__latina #curlsforthegirls
( 3b ) | 7.20.17
Tagged: #washNgo, #afrolatina, #naturalhair, #naturally__latina, #curlsforthegirls

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Apply Leave-In Conditioner ( Jane Carter Solutions Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner) by raking it into hair by sections. I then pass a comb to make sure its distributed evenly and their are no knots. 
Apply Oil, my go to choice is Coconut oil( you can never go wrong with coconut oil.)I usually have it in a tiny traveling spray bottle so i usually  spray it on my palm (4-5 spritz) and rake into hair by sections.
Apply Creme (Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie) in sections. I apply a generous amount of creme to my hair (quarter size is no where near enough for my hair. 
After all products are in i go back in section in with my Conair HI-Styler rubber brush and use the shingling method to get more defined curls. 
I take a micro fiber towel and scrunch the ends of my hair to get rid of any excess water and product. This speeds up the drying process. And last but not least AIR DRY! Once completely dry take a hair pick and FLUFF!