Decided to go with a frohawk today due to the hot texas weather.

Decided to go with a frohawk today due to the hot texas weather.  3a 4c Out & Loose Afro
( 3a, 4c ) | 7.3.15

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1. Detangle hair with fingers using water or water based detangler of choice i prefer soft n' free nothing but curl wake up spray.
Next i use oil to loc in the moisture from the detangler olive, shea, almond, vitamin e, tea tree oil, coconut oil do extremely well but can be expensive to buy separately so if if you prefer you can also buy african pride olive miracle growth oil which contains a majority of these oil as well as avocado oil.
then use a moisturizing cream. This is a must with black hair as it can be very dry and you may want to try many different moisturizers before you find the right one for your hair shea moisture, african pride and cantu are really good brands i would recommend to transitioners and women with natural styles.
finally with hair pins on standby take a brush and brush in an upward motion pinning you hair as you move your way back until you reach the nape of your neck this may be difficult as the hair can be really slippery at this point and repeat on the other side you may want to fluff your hair to hide the pins depending on the thickness of your hair you may want to elongate the curls at the front a little or wrap small sections around your finger and release to make a more coily look in the front.this style is good for both type 3 and 4 hair.