Defined Curls

Defined Curls 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go CURLY HAIR long curly hair Natural Hair Wash and Go curls naturally curly hair Shea moisture naturallycurly 3b/3c hairtype Long curls Medium length hair curl definition
( 3b ) | 10.31.17
Tagged: CURLY HAIR, long curly hair, Natural Hair, Wash and Go, curls, naturally curly hair, Shea moisture, naturallycurly, 3b/3c hairtype, Long curls, Medium length hair, curl definition

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This style was a wash and go. I first washed my hair with Aussie moist products (shampoo and conditioner). Then to style I evenly added shea moisture's leave in conditioner throughout my hair. Afterwards, I took a tiny bit of eco styling gel to seal the ends. That's it!