Diffuse Dry

Diffuse Dry 3b 3c Out & Loose Long Curly Hair
( 3b, 3c ) | 5.31.16

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1) Wash hair with any silicone-free conditioner (I use Tresseme). I do not rinse the conditioner out and I only shampoo hair once a week. 2) Using a wide tooth comb, I gently comb my hair before drying. After combing, I dry my hair with an old T-shirt. 3) Immediately after, I rake product through my hair (John Freida's Strictly Curls hair serum & Garnier Fructis curl mousse). You can part hair as normal or let hair fall naturally. 4) I then diffuse my hair on medium heat for 15-20 minutes with my head upside down to create volume at the roots, leaving it about only 80% dry. If there are any frizzy spots afterwards I will apply the hair serum. 5) Let your hair air dry the rest of the way and enjoy!