Disheveled Curls by TIGI

Disheveled Curls by TIGI 2a Out & Loose Curling Wand tigi tigi catwalk wavy hair
( 2a ) | 8.7.15
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Apply Catwalk Strong Hold Mousse from the mid-lengths to the ends.Then apply Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier from the mid-lengths to the ends.Use your hands to mold the hair into your desired shape.
Starting from the front hairline, take a section and twist it towards the face.Work around the head and continue twisting the hair into random sections.Tilt the head back and start diffusing the curls.Once the hair is completely dry, use your hands to soften the hair and add more detail.
Starting at the front, spray each section with Catwalk Work It Hairspray.Wrap a section of hair around a curl stick, working towards the face.Secure with a sectioning clip.
Continue the same technique around the head, always wrapping the sections towards the face.Allow the hair to cool and then remove the clips.To separate the curls, apply a small amount of Catwalk Hairista Cream with your hands.When the fine details have been achieved, finish with Catwalk Work It Hairspray to give flexible hold and longevity to the style.