Easy, Quick, Und Chignon For ALL Hair Types!

Easy, Quick, Und Chignon For ALL Hair Types! 3a 2a 4a Updo Chignon Chignon updo fun updo easy style easy hair style bun messy bun date night quick hairstyle long long hair medium length 4a 4b 4c 3b 3a 3c 2a 2b 2c 2nd day hair fast second hair Second day hair
( 3a, 2a, 4a ) | 5.15.16
Tagged: Chignon, updo, fun updo, easy style, easy hair style, bun, messy bun, date night, quick hairstyle, long, long hair, medium length, 4a, 4b, 4c, 3b, 3a, 3c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2nd day hair, fast second hair, Second day hair

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Begin with styled, mostly dry hair. Second or third day hair is excellent for this style! Part hair on either side you prefer. Pull hair into a *loose* ponytail just under and behind your ear on the side OPPOSITE the part.
Begin sectioning off pieces of hair NO THICKER than your pinky finger. Slightly thinner is fine! One section at a time, twist hair until it begins to curl up on itself and rests against the base of the pony. Using a bobbypin, secure the coil. I slide the pin into the "base" of the coil where the tail is, twist the pin about 90*, and then continue sliding the pin until it's secure. Some coils may need two pins!
Continue twisting sections into coils and pinning them into place, working around the ponytail evenly, until a small bun of twists is created. Use extra bobbypins to secure any rogue pieces, tails sticking out, or coiled areas that feel loose.
YOU MAY SET THIS WITH HAIRSPRAY! If you have thin, slippery, or looser-curled hair, consider setting with hair spray (silicone or silicone free) for longevity. Also, bring some extra bobbypins just in case!
WANT TO BE EVEN FANCIER? Add a cute clip, hair comb, bow, or flower next to the bun, or slide on a sparkly headband! REMEMBER - Practice makes perfect! Keep doing this style and eventually you'll be able to get this low chignon done in only a few minutes!!