Ecoco Curl Rods

Ecoco Curl Rods 3a Out & Loose Rollers & Rods flexible rods ecoco out and loose
( 3a ) | 12.1.14
Tagged: flexible rods, ecoco, out and loose

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To prepare the hair, cleanse with Eco Cocktail Smoothing and Moisture Recovery Shampoo starting at scalp then gently work out to the ends to remove dirt. Do not rough up hair, rinse hair allowing water to wash away shampoo. Follow-up with Eco Cocktail Smoothing and Moisture Recovery Conditioner by applying generously to ends and working toward the scalp. Then loosely detangle with fingers. Leave on for 2-3 minutes for complete penetration. Rinse and repeat if hair is exceptionally dry. Towel blot hair until damp. 
To style the hair, and depending on length of hair, apply an appropriate amount of Eco Cocktail Curl and Style Crème on ends first and work toward your scalp. Separate hair into 3 vertical sections, and wrapping hair around flexible curl rods. Leave them to set for three hours. Take rods out, shake curls gently.
For healthy shine and protection and to finish your look, place a small amount of Eco Cocktail Shine Serum in palms, rub and spread over hair. Reapply for all day radiance and protection.