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Everyday Curls 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go plopping natural naturallycurly Medium length hair medium length curls Curly Hair
( 3b ) | 8.16.15
Tagged: plopping, natural, naturallycurly, Medium length hair, medium length, curls, Curly Hair

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Shower and wash hair and condition hair
While still dripping wet, run a de-frizzing oil (about the amount of a quarter for every 5 inches)
Run a curl sculpting gel (4-5 squirts for medium length hair) from root to tip again focusing on the ends
Take an old T-shirt, lay it out on a flat surface with the arms facing away from you. Flip your head over and slowly lay your hair in a pile in the middle of the shirt "stacking your curls". From there, fold the bottom of the shirt over your curls and then take the arms and wrap them around your head. Then tie the arms so that the tshirt stays on your head and wear this until you leave the house. (This is called "plopping")