Everyday elongated curls (This pic is Day 4 hair!)

Everyday elongated curls (This pic is Day 4 hair!) 2c 3a Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 2c, 3a ) | 2.15.17

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Use Devacurl low poo shampoo once every 4-5 days.  Rinse and add conditioner in shower.  Leave a "slick" of conditioner in hair.  Use pick or wide comb to detangle once out of the shower, then add more water BACK into the hair until it is dripping wet over the sink.  Add more conditioner to the hair, about a quarter size per side. (This step is the key to my hair having a lot of moisture.) Immediately add B'leave-In, then gel using prayer hands and making sure to include the roots.  Curl hair into twists with fingers making the curls go away from the face.  The twists should be about the width of a finger.  Now scrunch with a t-shirt or microfiber towel.
Use diffuser on hairdryer on medium heat, focusing on the scalp area first, since it is the last to dry naturally. Once the gel forms into the crunchy mask, allow the hair to finish air drying for the rest of the morning. When the hair is completely dry, scrunch out any remaining hard areas for soft curls. 
At night, I "pineapple" my hair into a high bun to stop breakage, which naturally elongates my curls. To refresh in am, I mix a little water (about a quarter size for each side) with a pea size for each side of the conditioner again and quickly reform curls with my fingers with the mixture. This holds my curls most of the day, but I repeat this once more if needed later. I also sometimes add organic argan oil to my hair dry if it looks thirsty in upcoming days.